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Sree Ramadasa Mission Kutumbasamiti

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Why to participate    Lalitha Sahasranamam(Audio)

Lalitha Sahsranamam(PDF) What is Kudumbasamiti

!!!Om Sadgurave Namah!!!

For Aaradhana Video Clip[Swamiji]

                          Sahasrakoti Lalitha Sahasranama Archana
                                           At Badalapur Sreeramadasa Ashram

              !An offering by the sages of India to establish world peace !

10 Billion chants praising Mother Goddess for the first time in History at Sree Rama Dasa Ashram.

Started from Hanumad Jayanthi Day - 16 April 2003 at Sreeramadasa Ashram Trivandrum Kerala and is still going on uninterupted. To fullfill it's objective it needs much more participants and effort and hence Sreeramadasa Mission is organising Sahasrakoti Archana on Badlapur Asram by October 2006.For this Mahayajya to be successful 20000 families are required to participate in the Mahayajya.

Sreeramadasa Mission is oraganising families as Kutumbasamitis,Kutumbavahini,Khsetrasamities.
1 Kudumba Samithi 20 families
2 Kshetra Samiti 20*20 =400 families
3 Kshetravahini 400*20=8000 families
4 Khetra Sagar 8000*20=160000 families
5 Mandalam 160000*20=3200000
Each kutumba Samiti will be given training on LalitaSahasranama Archana and other Mantras.

For this each one of you are requested to participate and make others participate. This yajya of this Scale is the first time in all the chaturyugas and is once in generation oppertunitie.

How can one Participate.


  Be a Yokta




 Select 50 Archakas



 Train them on mantra chanting, vruta nishtha and purity.



 Conduct weekly archanas


  Be a hota

 As an archaka for 10/14/21/28/35/41 days


  Do Seva

 As a hotrika for 10/14/21/28/35/41 days

Participate as Organizations

Different Hindu Organizations can contribute and participate in the Yajya like Sai Seva Samitis, Ganesh Mandals , Ayyappa Seva Sangam etc. By contacting Sreeramadasa Mission we can arrange Conveyance, training etc.

Filling The Web Form.

TThe person can fill his address and other details corresponding columns. The Referece Id column is to be filled with persons membership ID who has referred you. If you are joining by yourself keep the reference id as 1.A reference person can see the information of all members he has joined.

On successful registration you will be assigned with a Membership ID , a password with which you can see your info on the web. You will be given a Mail ID also for making communications.

Alternatvely you can for contacting us.

Badlapur SreeRamaDasa Ashram

Badlapur Asram is situated at Ambisiv village of Badlapur. The place where the Asram locates is known as Ramgiri.The Asram is also known as Ramgiri Ashram. Ramgiri Ashram has Three Pratishtas which was done by Jagadguru Swami Satyananda Saraswati Himself .

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Sree Rama Dasa Mission
Sree Neelakantapuram, Chenkottukonam
Thundathil P.O., Thiruvananthapuram 695581, Kerala, India.
Tel: 91-471-2712999
Fax: 91-471-2713545

I get a call from the Asram a little past midnight of Wednesday, 25 October. “Swamiji’s health is getting worse. Doctors say he will be all right, but since he asked about you, we thought of keeping you informed” I was in the middle of preparing for a presentation for the next day, but my concentration has now taken a beating. I decide to continue the next morning, fold up my laptop, switch off the lights and curl into the bed. Somehow, sleep evades me. Thoughts haunt me. Memories of the great man flash past. It’s all a haze, nothing is clear. It’s a cacophony, it’s a clog, its nothing, it’s everything… The next morning I am on the flight to Trivandrum. I reach there just an hour before he chose to move on… Just six years ago when I had the fortune of meeting him the first time, I remember insisting that my meeting would be strictly ‘professional’ and as a ‘consultant’ for that new newspaper he was planning then, and once I had the answers to my questionnaire, I would leave. I distinctly remember insisting that I should not be expected to bow down in front of him like one does in front of ‘Godmen’ whom I then held in scant esteem. I had my set of some 97 questions neatly typed and I had hoped this man who called himself a saint would have some professional sense too. When I first went into his room, he was seated in his reading room, and was surrounded by quite a few people. On seeing me, (I was there the first time ever), he smiled at me and looked at others in the room. Slowly, they all vacated the room. Swamiji then looked at me, and asked me to sit in front of him. And then he started speaking. For the next three hours he held me a prisoner to his mesmerizing speech. He spoke just about everything – from the concept of n-dimensional spaces to the concept of ‘Narayana” (Nara- Man , Ayana- Journey, Narayana literally means ‘The Journey of Man’), from photo-typesetting for newspaper printing to analog devices, from the Principle of Inverted Pyramid (used by editors in newspapers) to the principles of Egyptian Pyramids, from Mahameru Yantras to The Lotus at the feet of Indian Godesses… Somewhere along the way, he had answered all my 97 questions too. And I had not even taken out my neatly typed sheet of paper! By then it was time for his evening routines, I was sent signals from one of his disciples from inside. I stood up, asked Swamiji permission to leave. He smiled and said, “Whenever you have questions, come to me”. I fell prostrate at his feet, and someone had to lift me up… that was my first in a series of hundreds of meetings with a truly great man… As I saw his mortal remains, I choked. Thousands of men and women who had been personally touched by Him at some time or the other, in their lives, filed past… Old and young, men and women alike struggled to hold their tears. When a Swamiji attains Mahasamadhi, leaves his mortal body and moves on to the higher spaces, we are not supposed to cry. It is simply not permitted. I knew it. And I know it…
But I am also human…
By : Unknown
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