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  Why one should participate

One must discern with utmost humility that acquiring the virtue (punnya) for participation in such a Maha-yajna is the result of the virtuous conduct and deeds in this world and the world beyond. 

At the individual level difficulties of a person from the planetary influences and from his past karma can be assuaged with the sincere participation in the Mahayajna. At the familial level the Mahayajna will help the devout archakas to eradicate the sins accumulated over generations and resolve the ills such as Sarpa-dosha. Incurable diseases shall be healed through it.

v    Once-in-many-a-lifetime opportunity!!

A Mahayajna of such a magnitude and exaltation has not been attempted ever. The chance of its repetition is remote, nay, impossible for thousands of years ahead. Hence it shall be a unique opportunity in many lifetimes.

Your participation in the Mahayajna

  i.            Bestows the material and spiritual wealth the participant to repay the four debts: to Seers, to Devas, to forefathers, and to human beings

 ii.            Bestows virtues and well being to one’s children and future generations

 iii.            Purifies and empowers the forefathers and in the process ushers in uninterrupted protection to oneself from them

 iv.            Eradicates the sins accumulated over generations and resolves the ills such as Sarpa-dosha

 v.            Liberates the wandering souls associated with one’s life

v    Open to all with purity of purpose:

 i.            No discrimination based on caste, creed, ethnicity, religion etc.

 ii.            Open to all who shall observe 21 days of vrutha (austerity) of vegetarian meals and continence

 iii.            Archakas must adhere to 6 types of purity: purity of the body, mind, surroundings, atmosphere, materials and the mantra chanting

v    Greatest Spiritual endeavor ever!  

Lalita Sahasra Namavali     1000 Crores 
Lalita Sahasra Homam  250 Crores  
Vishnu Sahasra Namavali   41 Crores  
Kalisantharana Mantra  28 Lakhs  
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra  12 Lakhs 
Guru, Ganapathi, Saraswathi, Sree Rama, Anjaneya Moolamantras  12 Lakhs each  
Purusha, Shree, Bhagya, Ayur, Aikamatya Sooktas, Saptasudhi, Shanti Mantras  4 Lakhs each 

v    Unprecedented!!!!

10,000 Archakas, 5,000 lamps, 12-14 hours, 25 rounds per day  
250 Homakundas, 5,000 Hotas in two shifts, 2500 Hotrikas (sevaks)

Special training to more than 500,000 people to chant the mantras

  v    Unparalleled!!!


More than 50,000 pilgrims every day

205 tons of rice, 60 tons of wheat, 25 tons of tapioca for Annadanam

2 million litres of water every day

A historical opportunity of too rare an occurrence to miss.
In addition you will be part of an endeavor with exalted objectives for the peace and well being of the universe.
Objectives of the Mahayajna

v    To Establish world peace

v To discourage and destroy prevailing titanic and fanatical sentiments

v     To deliver humanity from the spell of Kaliyuga

v     To develop a structurally disciplined and Dharmically motivated society

v     To integrate the human and the divine planes to accomplish Dharma

v     To develop a serene state of mind in man

v     To invoke Divine inspiration and spiritual elevation amongst people