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Swamiji established an ashram and temple at Survari in Ayodhya district.

Our Mission

Swamiji in Uttar Pradesh – 1989


Swamiji’s first visit to north India started on 10th January 1989 arriving at Bombay by air the same day. There was a huge welcome at the airport by devotees from the Young Men’s Hindu Association. Swamiji attended functions for Sree Ramadasa Ashram, Ramagiri on 11-14th January , and inaugurated the Swami Satyananda Saraswati Adivasi Shala on 15th January . Swamiji started the same day for Varanasi. A big crowd stood to welcome Him there, among whom was a tall well built person holding a saffron flag and shouting “Swami Satyananda Saraswati Maharaj ki jai!”, Swamiji gave him a loving blow on his head and blessed him.

When Swamiji came to Uttar Pradesh, many were able to receive His blessings and learn the proper ways to worship the almighty. Many miracles were also witnessed by the devotees. Some incidents that come to mind are:

A Visit From Pavan-Putra:
• Whilst I was giving a public speech at Surwari, people were worried how they could take care of Swamiji when He comes and if the arrangements were enough. I remarked, “ Do not worry, Swamiji is the greatest Bhakta of Lord Hanumanji, the Lord will take good care of Him.” When Swamiji heard this He jokingly remarked, “ Oh! so he has put his responsibility on Hanumanji!” , then Swamiji went to His room, shut the door and turned off the lights. The same night there was a massive windstorm, the gale-like winds destroying the pandal and all other arrangements!! Bheem Singhji quickly organized a reconstruction with the help of able devotees there. In the morning when Swamiji was asked as to what happened, He said “That was none other than Lord Hanumanji visiting and blessing us”. Through this incident Swamiji taught us all that man’s limitations are such that material things cannot withstand even a visit from the Vayu-Putra, such is His immeasurable Shakti!
Mother Sarayu and Swamiji’s Universal Compassion:

• Upon the completion of a great Havan at Surwari, everyone wished to go and bathe in the river Sarayu, for which vehicles were being arranged. Little did people realize that they were sitting with an embodiment of Lord Hanumanji Himself. When Swamiji was asked to make the trip to Sarayu, He remarked “Why go to Sarayu, when She will come to us?” The same morning it started raining very heavily! The downpour was extremely powerful, such that everyone hid in their houses and those on the streets got stranded. One such group was a Muslim procession, which got stranded and was too afraid to join the devotees sitting in the ashram. Swamiji called to them and asked them to take shelter with us, as rain and shelter are both for everyone. The massive flood created there was none other than Mother Sarayu come to bless the devotees. In this way did Swamiji show the face of Divine compassion!
• In Uttar Pradesh, Swamiji sought to introduce, among other things, a very simple method of intense Bhakti that the common man may easily practice, and which has been practiced in south India for centuries. Just the devotional utterance of ‘Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa!’ remembering Lord Ayyappa (who is incarnation of Lord Shiva and Vishnu combined) by a worshipper can relieve Him from all misery. That is why He installed a beautiful Ayyappa temple in Obra.

Swamiji, the great Mahatma that He was, entered the social sphere to help humanity and to free people from the miseries associated with the ever-binding maya of creation.
Swamiji was a living God, who could mould nature to His will, at the same time He devoted His energy to serve humanity, and with His healing touch cured many people of terrible ailments, irrespective of their caste, creed, race or religion. Thus I pray that people will stop their organised propaganda and work for Human Upliftment.

Jai Sita Ram

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