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Pre-requisites for the participants

All people participating in the Mahayajna as Yoktas, Archakas, Hotas and Hotrikas must observe 21 days of vruta (austerity) and adhere to six types of purity.

 How to observe the Vruta

v     Wear a thulasi/ rudraksha garland after getting it consecrated in a temple.

v     Strictly avoid any non-vegetarian food inclusive of eggs

v     Observe continence (brahmacharya)

v     Bathe in the morning and evening according to ones health

v     Chant the mantras every day


Six types of purity

v     Purity of the body

v     Purity of the mind and thoughts

v     Purity of the pronunciation (of the mantras)

v     Purity of the materials

v     Purity of the surroundings

v     Purity of the atmosphere


Archakas and Hotas must get training in performing Archana and homa respectively.

      Learn to chant mantras fluently and without any error practice daily

      Practice sitting for three to four hours at a stretch

      Learn the arrangement of the Archana venue, etc.

The hotrikas must come prepared to do any service as an offering to the Divine: preparation of worship material, serving in the kitchen, ensuring sanitation etc.